Speaking, training & consulting

I’m happy to talk organizations about the benefits of early resolution, conflict coaching, fair complaints-handing, and peer support for managing conflict earlier and more effectively. I customize training and offer unique complaints resolution services to institutions, associations and organizations.

In 2021 I joined together with two incredible colleagues as Justequitable to offer contract ombuds services and related ombuds services. Please visit our website to learn more:


What’s an ombuds?

  • An ombuds (ombudsperson, ombudsman) is an independent third-party who provides confidential, impartial, and informal complaint intake, conflict coaching, issue review, and investigation, reporting, and recommendations.
  • Ombuds are found in all types of organizations, including corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities, hospitals etc. An organizational ombuds will have terms of reference and adhere to Standards of Practice, e.g., International Ombuds Association Standards of Practice, and may be hired as an employee or on contract.

What is conflict coaching?

  • Conflict coaching’ is an early resolution tool used by dispute resolution professionals to transfer specific dispute resolution skills, tools and knowledge to a person who is experiencing a conflict (or looking to prevent a potential conflict) so that they can more effectively self-advocate and engage with challenging situations.
  • Conflict coaching is respectful, collaborative, encouraging, and forward-looking, providing individuals with tools they can keep in their conflict management toolbox for the future.