Conflict management services

Workplace assessments for effective complaint and conflict resolution

Organizations benefit from identifying and working to address concerns internally before they result in costly external workplace investigations or litigation. A workplace assessment can give you valuable information about simmering interpersonal disputes and provide you with a recipe for resolution of current issues and prevention of future conflict moving forward.

As a conflict management consultant I gather information about workplace practices, processes, and people (relationships), in order to identify gaps in how concerns are addressed and escalated, and to flag actual and potential sources of conflict. My approach is informal and collaborative with an emphasis on impartiality, respect, fairness and equity.

Every review starts with a discussion of an organization’s priorities and critical concerns. A review may then include: interviews (one-on-one and group, of front-line staff and supervisors), surveys or questionnaires, document review of internal processes and policies, just-in-time recommendations (for issues that need to be addressed immediately) as well as a report summarizing recommendations for long-term strategic planning.

Effective early resolution involves an integrated and systemic approach that engages entry level staff, mid-level managers, as well as senior leadership.

What are the benefits? By changing how conflict is managed, your organization will save time and money, reduce unnecessary escalation of concerns, improve interpersonal relationships, and promote a fair and equitable workplace.

Other services available:

  • Complaint or conflict resolution system (re)design
  • Mediation and conflict coaching to address current issues
  • Workplace restoration (moving beyond conflict)
  • Customized training on conflict prevention / dispute resolution for supervisors and staff