Build capacity in your organization to manage concerns earlier and more effectively

While escalating a concern or complaint is an important option, it shouldn’t be the only option. Supervisors and managers know that conflicts are time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive. The solution is to build capacity across an organization or institution to deal with issues earlier and more effectively, from front-line staff through to supervisors.

With 20+ years of experience as a litigator, mediator, and ombuds, and developing and managing an innovative university conflict resolution program for 20,000+ graduate students, staff, and faculty, I can help you to identify ways to prevent and resolve disputes. Early resolution approaches can improve working relationships and contribute to a fair and equitable workplace.

Want to learn more about options for customized conflict resolution support, including training and workshops, individual conflict coaching, or building an in-house conflict management program ?

Photo of Heather
Heather McGhee Peggs
B.A. Hons, LL.B.

“You completely changed my perception(s) of conflict resolution as a grim/foreboding endeavour and channeled brilliance and dedication through all of your training, programming, and consulting.” 

Yaseen A., Staff member, University of Toronto

“[Heather] is someone who brings good humour, empathy, and diplomacy to every interaction. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplary…

Jessica T., PhD candidate