Conflict = Opportunity

Building fair and equitable conflict management processes starts with a focus on early resolution and creating opportunities to learn from complaints at every stage from front-line staff through to leadership.

Faculty can learn how to identify and manage key sources of grad school conflict in my book, Supervising Conflict: Managing Grad Conflict as Faculty (University of Toronto Press, 2023), and through online faculty development training: When grad things happen: Conflict management for faculty advisors. Conflict can be an opportunity – find out how!

– Heather McGhee Peggs, BA, LL.B

“You completely changed my perception(s) of conflict resolution as a grim/foreboding endeavour and channeled brilliance and dedication through all of your training, programming, and consulting.” 

Yaseen A., University of Toronto

“[Heather] is someone who brings good humour, empathy, and diplomacy to every interaction. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplary…

Jessica T., PhD candidate