I am not currently providing services, but I can make referrals and provide you with general information, as appropriate.  Within an organization or family, a failure to plan for or deal with difficult issues can be costly.

Mediated Estate & Personal Planning

Mediated Estate planning provides you and your family and loved ones with an opportunity to have productive discussions about key estate and personal planning issues such as: What do we do with the family cottage?  Who is taking over the family business?  Who is going to look after my affairs?  A mediator can work alongside you trusted advisors, including family members, friends, legal financial and/or  tax advisors to challenge assumptions, consider the “big picture” and move from impasse to progress in developing and finalizing a complex estate plan.

Ombuds Services

An Ombuds provides recourse for employees, managers, customers, clients and other corporate stakeholders who believe that despite their best efforts to resolve an issue, a particular decision or process is unfair.  An Ombuds assists with the fair, timely and informal resolution of concerns by acting as a confidential, independent and impartial (neutral) resource.  An Ombuds does not take sides or act as a decision-maker, but advocates for fairness for all concerned, by assisting complainants “off the record” to explore their options, to consider alternatives for resolving their concerns, and where appropriate by intervening to facilitate a fair and reasonable resolution.  An Ombuds can provide training and support on fairness standards for policy development and fair complaints handling processes, as well as identifying systemic concerns within an organization.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin