2015! Meet, speak and be negative: How Ombuds help

Man breaking through mountain - Michael Cho, Illustrator

In Steve Wood’s New Years’ post, Be negative, criticize, and complain, he proposes that organizations resolve to move from an easy ‘its all good’ path (i.e. positive inaction) to a more difficult ‘let’s make a change’ route (i.e. negative action).  A key part of my Ombuds role is to meet with complainants and help them to complain more effectively – to the right person, at the right time, and in the right way.  Providing access to an Ombuds is one way a business can demonstrate a commitment to open and fair process, enhance goodwill and trust, improve communication, and address issues early and informally.

Be brave and follow Steve’s suggestion for 2015:

“So complain away. No organization is perfect and we should all be working to make things better – so make things better, take action, make changes. Revel in the honest and open culture and appreciate that you legitimately have a voice and that voice can create positive change.”

[Illustration by the incredible Michael Cho]

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